Eddie Shiffer


My artwork investigates social and political injustices.  I want to shed light on issues that affect my community.  These topics include cultural dominance, racial bias, and media manipulation towards Hispanic minorities.  I originally resided from an agricultural community on the Mexican American border called the Imperial Valley.  This communities’ population is over ninety percent Hispanic, many first generation immigrants like myself.  While others have entered the United States illegally in search of a better life.  I want to use my artwork as a vessel for exchanging ideas and create an open dialogue about these issues.   

        The uses of iconic symbols and repetitive patterns within my works of art are a reflection of capitalism in the United States.  I use some of the most widely recognizable imagery to express how capitalism works.  This social system is driven by consumerism.  Demands are made for cheap commodities and goods.  The implementation of meeting consumers’ needs create discrepancies in trends and social norms towards immigrants and minorities.  It’s within those socially accepted trends that the dehumanization of the working class minority occurs.  This discrimination is fueled by media manipulation and the current economic crisis.  I truly believe that opening doors for mutual discourse creates new ideas that give a voice to an ever-growing Hispanic community that was once silent.

Artist Statement